We've read your emails—here's the deal with pets

Surprised that this is what today's issue is about? We are too

The loyal reader may be wondering why we’re featuring a piece from the earliest days of the site—and they would be entirely justified. But having read through dozens of your emails about pets and animals (and yes, we really do read every message that comes our way), we thought now would be as good of a time as any to highlight this article.

So—what’s the bottom line on interacting with your/your mom’s/your grandpa’s/your sister-in-law’s/the neighborhood shelter’s furry friends? This piece is pretty short, so here it is below in its entirety:

There is no evidence that pets or other animals play a significant role in spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 at this time. A small number of pets have been reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 after contact with people that tested positive for having COVID-19. According to the CDC, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to humans is very low.

Pets do have other types of coronavirus that they can contract and will make them sick but these can not infect humans and are not related to the current COVID-19 outbreak. It is not recommended you get your pet tested for COVID-19 at this time.

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