Saliva testing is here — get excited!

Like, as excited as you can about an RNA test for a virus

We’re keeping it short and sweet again today — our testing explainer has been updated with the latest word on SalivaDirect, a new COVID test that uses saliva instead of a nasal swab.

The FDA recently issued an emergency use authorization for the new test to the Yale School of Public Health, which intends to provide it to interested labs. Aside from the obvious benefits of not having to stick a swab up your nose, the test also reportedly reduces testing times by an hour, costs less, and requires minimal training. It has so far yielded results with a sensitivity as high as nasal swab tests, setting it apart from other saliva tests that have previously received FDA approval.

Is this the testing holy grail we’ve been looking for? Having just been approved on August 15, SalivaDirect’s viability is still being proven, but so far, things are looking promising. And you already know we’ll keep you updated either way.

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