COVID Explained is joining the Covid Act Now team

In case you haven’t heard! Here are all the details

A lot has happened since our last issue: vaccinations have been distributed, variants have spread, schools have reopened, some areas have tightened restrictions, some areas have relaxed restrictions—and COVID Explained has joined the Covid Act Now team. 

You may have already heard the announcement, but here’s the lowdown. 

Covid Act Now (CAN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by volunteers and affiliated with Stanford, Georgetown, and Harvard. CAN strives to provide timely and accurate local COVID data so that every American can make informed decisions during the pandemic. 

While the COVID Explained site will remain online in an archival capacity, our content will be uploaded to the ‘Learn’ section of CAN's website where it will be continually updated. An archive of all issues of this newsletter will remain available here.

You might be wondering—what’s next for our team? 

Going forward, Emily Oster will be serving on CAN’s Advisory Board. You can also continue to find Emily on her biweekly newsletter, ParentData (which many of you already love), Twitter (in case you weren’t already aware, she’s really funny) and Instagram (also very funny here). 

Additionally, members of our team will be joining CAN to continue to create research-driven guidance and educational resources. Because we feel strongly about this partnership and the quality of CAN’s publications, if you’re subscribed to this newsletter, we’ve automatically subscribed you to CAN’s daily newsletter—the Daily Download—that reports top news stories and risk levels in each state. We’re sure you’ll find its accessible style and breadth of content to be much like the content you’ve come to expect from COVID Explained. 

For anyone not subscribed to us at the time of this issue’s release, you can sign up for CAN’s Daily Download here (make sure the ‘daily news’ box is checked). 

CAN also publishes a weekly newsletter—its Research Rundown—that covers top journal articles on COVID-19 in the same jargon-less, no-nonsense way we have. If you’ve enjoyed our more academic, science-focused content, you’ll love Research Rundown. We haven’t automatically subscribed you to this one, but you can do so here

What about our inbox? We’ve loved reading your thoughtful questions and comments over the past several months. Our inbox will no longer be read, but all of your inquiries can be sent to

And while our social media will also now be inactive, you can find some of our infographics on our Twitter and Instagram (the rest are available on the archives of our newsletter, as mentioned above). CAN also regularly publishes updates on their Twitter and Instagram. We think you’ll find they have the same enthusiasm for handy, shareable infographics as we do. 

Lastly, on behalf of all of us on COVID Explained, thank you for your loyal readership and support. We hope we’ve been able to provide you with some clarity amidst the chaos and have appreciated all your emails, direct messages, tweets, comments, etc. letting us know how our work has impacted you and your loved ones.

Stay safe, stay well, and see you over on Covid Act Now.