A must-read if you think you may have COVID

Some guidelines on when and how to seek care

As we grow closer to school potential re-openings and as states and municipalities continue with or adjust their re-opening plans, we thought this week would be an appropriate time to highlight our explainer on when to seek care — helpful to refer to should you or a loved one begin to exhibit symptoms. But first, here are two recent updates to the site:

Explainer Highlight: When to Seek Care

In these times of uncertainty, displaying symptoms of illness can be extra frightening, especially if you’re unsure about when and how to seek care. This is why we put together this explainer that walks you through how to take care of mild symptoms and what to do in more severe cases. We highly recommend you read the whole thing (this is a short one!), but here’s a handy, shareable infographic summary just in case:

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